... once you get into the actual puzzles, solve them for yourself and do not use a walkthrough!

All the puzzles in Braid are reasonable.

They don't require you to do anything random; they don't require guessing. They don't require trial and error. The solutions tend to be simple and natural. They flow directly from the rules of gameplay in each world.

If you are having problems solving a puzzle, don't give up!

Some of the puzzles will be hard. But when you manage to solve those hard puzzles, you will feel very good about it. The game will feel very rewarding. Don't rob yourself of that feeling by reading a walkthrough!

Please do not use a walkthrough.

Braid does not have a linear story the way most games do, so Getting To The End is not necessarily what you would expect. The idea of "beating the game" does not apply so much, here. Braid is about the journey, not the destination. If you use a walkthrough to bypass some of the puzzles, you will be robbing yourself of that journey.

Don't give up.

All the puzzles can be solved. Some of them might take an hour or two, but you will get it. If you try. And you will feel cool and smart. If you read a walkthrough (or get spoilers from a forum), you can never un-read it. You can never un-spoiler yourself! So don't spoiler yourself.

Thank you for your time.