The Indie Fund submissions process is now open…

… and the web site is updated. See it here:

Earlier this year, some friends and I, all successful independent game developers, put together the Indie Fund in order to help support newer folks with good ideas. All the hoops involved in setting up such an organization have been passed through, and we are now open for general submissions. If you are an independent developer who needs money for a project-in-progress, go check out the Apply page to see what kinds of games we are looking for.
Thanks, and good luck!

(Cross-posted from the blog for The Witness, a new game in development from the designer of Braid.)

One thought on “The Indie Fund submissions process is now open…”

  1. I just played Braid, having bought it on steam ages ago (too many games!) I really can’t congratulate you enough on what you have done. I am a (returning from old) developer who used to write for the spectrum, amstrad cpc etc. It’s great to see you have this process in place for people to develop innovative stuff instead of the constand rehash we have been getting, more or less, for 20 years. I’m not going for a game though this time – trying my hand at something serious, potherwise I would love to take part in the process.

    Good luck to you and all who are involved 🙂


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