If you liked Braid, you may enjoy Terry Cavanaugh’s game VVVVVV. It’s also a platformer that is built around one core interaction, iterating on that piece of gameplay and exploring variations. In VVVVVV you will die a lot, but the penalty for death is extremely low, so it’s no big deal.

There’s a free demo (in downloadable and web-based versions). Here’s the link again.

14 thoughts on “VVVVVV”

  1. Very cool. I recently played through “Time Fcuk” on Newgrounds and loved it! Had a really cool story that has to do with time travel and an alternate you. It had disturbing dialog, moody music, and the gameplay was solid and challenging. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different.

  2. Very cool. The sensitivity of the controls took some getting used to for me, but the continue points kept the frustration to a minimum by keeping me progressing even when dying a lot. Of mixed feelings as to whether to pay for it, though. Hard to tell if the price seems high without knowing more about the length and complexity of the game. Would have bought it right after the demo, if I hadn’t been buying so many games lately. It’s cool to be reminded that I can feel immersed in a game that didn’t require twenty programmers and environment artists to make.

    I don’t remember that mechanic being in Sonic the Hedgehog. Pretty much just played Sonic 2, though, and Sonic CD.

  3. I agree, a nice game, but not worth €10. However, I paid for it $3 a moment ago and this is a reasonable price. For more I’d expect some actual graphics, not only a concept and levels.

    Good idea is a good idea but if you can experience it while looking at sth such visually stunning as Braid it’s getting much much better. 🙂

    Thanks for Braid, by the way! I’ve just bought it in Humble Indie Bundle 2 and was surprised I missed such a wonderful game before. How to get to know about such wonderful pieces of art?

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