Braid will be released for the Playstation 3, next Thursday, November 12…

… in North America. Releases for Europe and Asia are in progress, but Sony has separate submissions processes for all those territories, so we don’t know when those versions will be available.

The PS3 port has been done by Hothead Games. It will be downloadable from the PlayStation Network for $14.99.

I’ll post here when we have release dates for the other territories.

[Update: I originally posted that there may be a release in Japan. This was a misunderstanding. There is a planned release for PSN in Asia but it does not include Japan.]

18 thoughts on “Braid will be released for the Playstation 3, next Thursday, November 12…”

  1. Is there any chance it will also come to the PSP? I don’t know if the PSP hardware is capable of running Braid, but if it is I would buy it again (I already own it for the pc), so I can play it any where.

    Can we expect the editor to be a bit more user-friendly and/or a way to easily install custom worlds? And since we’re on the subject, I can’t seem to find any custom worlds. Have people made any?

  2. Hoping it’ll be reasonably priced over here in euroland. There’s been quite an uproar on the pricing of certain released titles, with what the conversion rates and such. 15 USD does not equal 15 EUR! Hopefully that won’t be the case with Braid.

  3. The argument that 15 Dollars does not equal 15 Euros is ludicrous in my opinion. 15 Dollars does equal 15 Euros in terms of buying power.

    Applying conversion rates is useless since those change all the time and depend on a lot of factors. If the american economy is let’s say more terrible in one year from now and the US dollar loses 50% of its value, will you think then that a 15 Dollars game should be priced 6 Euros or less in Europe?

    Reasoning with conversion rates is wrong in that case.

  4. YAYAYAYAY – oh so happy to hear this news! Any idea on when (and price) for the Australian region?

    I’ve been waiting a long time (it feels anyway) for this to happen :]

  5. Ohhh i’ve been waiting so long to get my hands on this for my ps3, day one buy for me…
    I have 5 in my psn wallet, i’ll get a 20 card, buy braid, that’s 10 dollars, so… what can i get with 10 dollars?

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