Gridrunner Revolution is out.

Jeff Minter’s new game, Gridrunner Revolution, is now available on the PC.

It’s an interesting game with a lot of subtlety that I have yet to absorb. Subtlety aside, though, this game has nailed the kind of pure, insane quantity Galaga Legions wanted to provide but didn’t know how.

If you’re following this blog because you’re interested in art games, be aware that this is a game about shooting things in outer space — bursting with its author’s trademark style.

Here’s a link to the demo. And here are some videos to illustrate:

7 thoughts on “Gridrunner Revolution is out.”

  1. This looks great, your right about the subtleties. Ill be able to keep coming back to this in different moods and have a different experience.

  2. I loved Space Giraffe. One of my favourite XBLA games…. definately will buy Gridrunner. Jeff Minter is a master of his profession, and if I could be his student, that would be great, but, alas, I am to old….

    avoid hitting piano

  3. Mike – as I own the game I have seen said ‘penis’ a number of times – while it does indeed have a certain penile appearance to it, it IS supposed to be a space ship (according to Jeff Minter).

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