46 thoughts on “Exclusive info about Braid 2!!!”

  1. {my word was puzzle :P}

    Any info about this?
    Braid II? I wouldn’t see you as a person that would milk a success, why not find a new concept, a new thing?

  2. Oh man, if a bad guy was glowing green, you could totally shoot them once, then rewind the bullet back through another part of their body! Repeatedly!! Ouch!!!

  3. A bit late for an April fools joke huh? I thought it was quite funny, took me a few seconds to notice the title difference.

  4. I LOVE how the face of the angry bear. I read the other day that you will develope Braid 2 only if you have a whole new concept and ideas. So this have to be april’s fool 😉

    And as Gavin said: if it is true, i’ll f*cking play it 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I’m a french player, and I’ve just finished the game. It’s a really good “puzzle game”. But my problem is I ‘m romantic :
    I want to show Tim with the princess, … or a new princess, or a flower-tail rabbit, or A HEDGEHOG !


  6. Omg! Will we be able to play the dinosaur? I bet you get +30 score just for biting off someone’s head with that beast!

  7. I hear each level instead of collecting puzzle pieces you collect nuke pieces then at the end of the world you assemble them and drop it on the world killing everyone.

    Konami code gives you infinite nuclear bombs to shoot.

  8. That was really clever 😀

    Also, if you look below tim’s front foot, you’ll see the word “parody”

  9. Hello,

    I dont know, where I can send you this message so I write it here.

    I really would like to make Czech translate of Braid, but its quite hard to translate via hex editor. Can you send me game texts to my e-mail so i can translate them and send back for compilation or compile it myselve if you tell me how?

    Thank you 🙂

  10. I think it’s pretty obvious this is a joke. “Foolin’ Season 2009” at the lower right corner of the image should tell you what this is all about. Anyway, nice new ways of using keys and puzzle parts. 😀

  11. Braid as an MMO? Everyone busy working on their past to get a future that’ll be rewound?

    Does not sound like closure.

    People will also complain about lag.

  12. Hey Jon,

    Unrelated from this blog post but I was wondering if you had played the newly released PC game, “The Path”? It’s become a rather high profile art game release similar to Braid and has garnered a lot of attention and critical praise. Eurogamer made a hilarious comment about it as being “It’s also so arty that it makes Braid look like 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.” I don’t think they meant it as a dig against Braid, but rather to illustrate the VERY niche appeal of The Path.

    I haven’t played it yet though I am definitely planning to and was interested in what you thought about the game, if you have played it. Do you know the developers “Tales of Tales?”

    I’m very excited that more and more indie/art/niche games are being distributed by large publishers (steam is distributing the Path) and I hope this is a trend that will continue.

    BTW, Congrats on Braid! One of my top 5 favorite games of all time.

  13. Braid…just finished it.
    Its about Time….yes….
    It seems as one becomes older,
    That the past has another pattern….

    We had the experience, but missed the meaning,
    And approach to the meaning restores the experience
    In a different form, beyond any meaning
    We can assign to happiness.

    T.S. Eliot
    “The Dry Salvages”

  14. I just completed Braid. A remarkable, unforgettable game! I loved every aspect of it. This was the first computer game with depth that I have ever played. I feel uplifted by the experience and will carry the story with me.

  15. Jon – just to remind you that the release notes on the Steam version don’t explain that you can change the resolution on braid using the command line -width 1920 -height 1080 (or whatever resolution you want) – I run my PC through an HDTV that only supports some resolutions, and your native one is not. It’s taken ages to find any reference to the resolution change facility – I think it would be very sensible to have it in the release notes.

  16. Good Job guys!
    I just love Braid! Very charming graphics and music! Interesting ideas! Keep Up the good work!

    I’m looking forward to the next game 😉

    Look, I am currently working in a team of translators and we were looking for a next project… Do You think we could translate Braid into Georgian language?
    We would like to release it as a free patch to a licensed game (or in any way You would find suitable)

    Whom could I contact in regards to that issue?
    Thanks beforehand!

  17. Hey– I actually did the drawing for that Game Informer gag, and realized I never put up a blog post about it! Here’s the link (which mostly talks about being on THIS blog), and a larger image of the art without the copy. Thanks for the comments; Braid is one of my very favorite games, so this was a fun one to do!

  18. Hey Jonathan, didn’t know where else to say it, so I just wanted to thank you for Braid. It’s smarter and more challenging than Portal, which says a lot. It also stuck with me, and kept me thinking long after I finished it. Well done.

  19. It was a good game. True, Brett, but also more pompous and less likable than Portal. The coy what’s-he-really-mean effect kept one thinking not so much in a he-gave-me-something-substantial-to-think-about way, as a did-I-miss-a-piece and which-shell-is-it-under kind of way. Which would be fine if it didn’t take itself so seriously.

  20. When is Braid 2 comming!!!!! ?
    This game was one of the best I’ve ever played!
    It needs a second part! same concepts but new atractions!
    It can be missed!!!!

  21. hmm this is a joke if they would make something like it, they would make not braid 2 i think but another game with antoher story but the same gameplay at least i hope so

  22. hola soy de chile…
    ojala salgra pronto la segunda version de Braid
    es una adiccion !!!!
    ojala salga pronto
    y gracias a todos los creadores de ese juego

  23. it’s sad that there’s no news or even a hint that a sequel will ever see the light of sun. nonetheless, kudos for one of the greatest platformers in recent and past gaming history.. and thank you.

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