Braid release date slightly delayed. (And other info).

The good news is, Braid is coming out soon! The bad news is, I am delaying it slightly, til April 10th.

The delay is just to fix some problems that came up in testing with various versions of Windows.

So far the game is planned for release on Steam, Greenhouse, Impulse, and GamersGate. If I have some more time to do the appropriate discussions, it may appear in one or two other places.

Also, we have a special surprise planned concerning the music in Braid.

So, sorry for the delay, I know folks have been waiting a long time for the PC version and it’s not so great to have to wait an extra 10 days, but it’s only so that I can try to ship you guys a version that works well (which frankly is impossible in Windows, but the best I can do is make it work for most people most of the time).

[Edit: This post incorrectly listed the new date as August 10th. It is April 10th.]

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  1. I suppose you meant April and not August? You scared me for a while, there…

    But sure, ten days is fine. I’d rather have a working game ten days later than a buggy one earlier on.

    Really looking forward to see what Braid is all about! 🙂

  2. You wrote “The bad news is, I am delaying it slightly, til August 10th.”. Later on you said “it’s not so great to have to wait an extra 10 days”

    I guess (hope :D) that August 10th was a typo and you meant April 10th? Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

  3. My heart sank when I read August 10th

    You mean April 10th rite?

    BTW which supplier is the most DRM free? i.e. playable offline without installing other software.

  4. Surprise? Would that be an official soundtrack release?
    I already bought all the songs, but that would be cool.

    @Adam J: I’m only familiar with Steam, but I know their DRM is so good it’s like they barely have DRM at all.

  5. I only ever used steam; would like to use something else. I wonder how the others are. Impulse is always without copy protection, isnt it? I think i read something like that some time ago.

  6. @Klink:
    Games on Steam can use any additional third-party DRM that the publisher chooses, so you can’t assume that the DRM on the Steam version will simply be Steam itself.

  7. Noooooooooooo!

    But if it needs a few more days to get up to standard then that’s cool. I’d rather have my first experience of braid on the PC perfect, than 10 days earlier. Keep up the good work, I’m counting down the days 🙂

    It sucks that you’re having trouble getting it to work well on Windows, once it’s out it’d be nice to hear what problems you had and how you got round us. There’s a load of potential indie developers out here who’d love to hear about that kind of stuff.

    Thanks for letting us know where it’s going to be coming out too. Think I’ll go for Greenhouse on the off chance that it’ll get ported to linux one day and Greenhouse will let me download the linux version without paying again 🙂

  8. Please confirm the release date. You just broke a lot of gamer’s hearts if it’s actually August 10th not April 10th.

  9. My heart stopped when I read August 10th… but then i realized April 10th and realized that’s 10 more days.

    Really looking forward to this! Just got add an extra 10 days on my countdown 🙁

  10. I saw it on Steam today, I was like WOOO, went to the blog, saw August 10th… OH NOES, then read “10 days”, and I breathed a sigh of relief.
    Wow, you really put me on an emotional roller coaster today.

    I can’t wait to enjoy this game!

  11. I hope it’s 10th April, not August. I’m waiting for Braid, I love the puzzle games, platformers, and games with time-shifting, so, Braid is a perfect game for me.

  12. Mother of God. This is the worst typo ever. I even double checked the date to make sure it wasn’t April the 1st. He did say “extra 10 days” so it has to be an accident.

    I’m sure we can all wait 10 days, especially if it fixes some issues.

  13. So I guess there won’t be any discount on Steam (discount on indie games ’til the 30th). It’s OK though. I’m happy you’re keeping us posted on such info.

  14. Just for everyone who is interested in getting Braid and looking for a less DRM version: try Impulse and their new GOO-System.
    Here you can find informations about it (

    – you download an a game “.exe” file via Reaktor (will be an download Manager/Programm)
    – this “.exe” file contains the game itself and a key enter protection
    – then you have to enter a serial key and your mail adress [where ever you bought the game, you had to put it in]
    – they .exe will be unlocked instantly (internet connection is just needed one time instead of steams permanently)
    => finaly you can use your “.exe” when ever and where ever you want, without any kind of more restriction 😀

  15. Adam J, I’ve only used Steam, do not recommend that one. Braid is the first game I’ve ordered on Impulse. Impulse apparently doesn’t require you to be logged in or online to play. You do need to be logged in to update, though. So no stand-alone patches.

    Don’t know about the other digital distributors. Never even heard of them before.

  16. since steam has turned evil in Europe (with a price policy of 1€=1$ that takes europeans for morons) i have tried some others platforms.
    Impulse has a great policy regarding DRM (they don’t like them more than we do) and does not require you to be online to play. Sadly, they do not have a very large catalog.
    you can also get Braid on Greenhouse, a nice indie games online distributor.

  17. Ahhh carps!

    Ah well not to big of a delay and I can understand.

    I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be delayed a bit anyways 😉

    And wow! Can’t wait to hear about the music surprise! I love braid’s soundtrack on the 360 🙂

  18. There’s a thread at the Steam forum about controller support for the PC port of Braid… Is it going to support DirectInput, or XInput only? I have a 360 gamepad, so it doesn’t really affect me, but now I’m curious. 🙂

  19. Oh, thank GOD that was a typo. Still, it’s a shame that all the great games end up getting delayed, and usually multiple times.

    Well, one three-month delay was rough, but a second would have been unbearable. Ten days is nothing compared to the first delay.

  20. Guys the 10 days will be worth it , this is one of my favorite 360 games ever..real fun game and smart as well. You will all love it.

  21. That last paragraph doesn’t exactly install much confidence. Impossible to work well in Windows? Wow. Sounds like an awful update to me.

  22. MAN! you scared the crap out of everyone! how could you write august instead of april!

    At least is now corrected, lol. I can’t wait to get your game! i’ve read a lot of amazing things, and since i don’t have an xbox 360, this is my chance, YEAH!

    im counting the days.

  23. Mr. Realist, that was a statement about game development in general. It is not specific to Braid.

    It is impossible to make games on Windows that work well for everyone. That is a fact! It’s one of the reasons I wanted to release on the Xbox 360 first; at least there, one has a fighting chance.

  24. You can do it JB let Braid join to World of Goo, Audiosurf, Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Maw, Aquaria, Cave Story. 10 days left

  25. I love this game and it’s super amazing, and I can’t wait, but I would certainly rather you take ALL the time you need to make it as flawless as you can :3

  26. Well, though I am disappointed that I have to wait 10 extra days, I completely understand why. Windows and the PC hardware range is so varying across the spectrum, it’s almost absurd (especially with people still clinging to Windows XP.. I mean, c’mon, is anything else on your computer from 2002!?).

    I guess that is one of the primary advantages (from a development side) of creating something for a console.

    For future projects, if you do have to develop anything for Windows (or even for a console), you may want to implement in-house automated testing of the game engine. According to the developers of Bioshock, this was one of the greatest assets to their tech team. I guess it depends on the size of the project, though.

    Good luck on the upcoming release, I hope it goes well, and I cannot wait to play it.

  27. Jonathan, I’m really looking forward to this, but I want to ask you a favor.

    Would you please make sure that the game gets proper pricing on Steam? As you may know, they’ve recently made all europeans pay in € in stead of $, converting directly (50$ = 50€), which is quite unfair. But the developers can change the price-difference of their games, when put on Steam, so would you be kind enough to make the prices equal for all of us?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Ive been waiting three months for this game, I can wait another 10 days. Still not sure whether to wait for another steam sale though to buy it.

  29. Ethin said: (especially with people still clinging to Windows XP.. I mean, c’mon, is anything else on your computer from 2002!?).

    I don’t see why it’d be HARDER to develop for an OS which is not only stable, but has been around for a long time. It’s also not like the OS hasn’t been touched since then, and it has steadily improved over the years.

    Yea, there are things on my computer from 2002 and even before, like some good games, and more. Your argument is inert.

  30. Ethin there are, to the best of my knowledge, more people running Windows XP than Vista. Instead of asking why people are still using it, wouldn’t it make more sense to ask why people would upgrade? There’s no reason for me to pay hundreds of dollars to replace something that works just fine, and for most people, XP is working just fine. I’m not going to replace XP until it stops being useful to me, the same way I’m not going to replace anything else I own if it’s still perfectly useful.

  31. Are considering publishing your game in the OnLive service, sound’s like a pretty interesting plataform to work.

  32. Jonathan

    Brave move for delaying the release.

    I’m sad (no I can’t wait the extra 10 days, I’ve already been waiting a really long time).

    Seriously – I scheduled a day off work so I could play it. Might need to move my vacation day by a few weeks.

    I know you want to put out the best game possible – and we want you to do that as well, but I’m just disappointed.

    That’s all. 🙁


  33. Excited to see this come to steam. I already own it for the 360, but owning a copy on my laptop, that I can take around and evangelize with is tempting.

    I’m sure at the moment everything is focused on meeting the new release date, but I’m curious if a PC release might mean an eventual level editor? Not a full IDE, just something like a collection of pre-rendered objects with some drag-and-drop. I’d really love to see even more content using Braid’s rulesets! :]

  34. Just wondering about the controller support.
    I will be able to use any gamepad recognized in windows… right?
    Otherwise, I guess I’ve got an extra 10 days to get an xbox 360 controller now.
    Good luck with the game. 🙂

  35. “If I have some more time to do the appropriate discussions, it may appear in one or two other places.”

    Although Braid is not that old, if you could put it on Good Old Games ( it would be great.

  36. I switch to Vista when Valve finally supports Face Poser on it. As a student, it’s easy enough for me to obtain, but I have to agree that there’s never been any overarching reason for me to do so, except that DX10 is fun to test once in a while, then immediately return to DX9.

  37. I’d like to buy as DRM-free version of the game as possible, so which should I choose? Impulse, or some other? From what I know Impulse should be most DRM-free of them all but please correct me if I am wrong.

  38. You could always be like most game devs and make an almost complete game, then patch it later. Of course, that would still be awkward.

  39. Haha @man

    Yeah – I did come across like a whiny little girl. 🙂

    Two points though, in case you missed them:

    1. Jonathan needs to satisfy himself that the game is ready.

    2. There is an impact when schedules are delayed. Not just to “suits” and production execs – I’m talking about the fans. Emotional and potentially financial.

    Case in point: Guns N Roses “Chinese Democracy”.

    There are tonnes of GnR fans that would have gladly bought the new album if it had a timely release, but by delaying and thwarting fans expectation, it caused problems.

    10 days in the greater scheme of things is neither here nor there.

    10 weeks (or 10 months) and I’d just go out and buy and Xbox and download it.

    Oh well – in the meantime I can check out some of Jonatan “Cactus” Soderstrom’s games while I wait patiently.

    Godspeed Jonathan.

  40. Some people need to calm down. Delays happen and I would rather purchase an improved, delayed game rather than wait for a patch. You guys act like Windows is the holy grail of operating systems. He isn’t making an excuse, only an explanation. I’d say he could release it now, but being a perfectionist is a great quality.

    I read on some forum that people believe Mr. Blow comes off a little abrasive. But those people fail to realize that he’s a developer, not a smooth talking PR guy.

    I, for one, am extremely grateful we’re getting this on the PC. He said himself he made decent sales on the 360 release so it’s nice to give us PC fellows a bone. (inb4 milking the cow) You have to take the piracy into consideration. Besides, hopefully the revenue from the PC sales will go towards his next time.

    and to those wondering about PC extras-don’t hold your breath. I believe he said before that Braid is a finished product. But maybe someone out there will make a homemade level editor or sprite editor. Either way, I can’t wait for this release and I hope Mr. Blow releases his other games on the PC platform.

  41. Mr. Blow, before delaying the game again, please consider that for PC there is actually a patching possibility. I’d rather play the game with a few bugs than not at all…

  42. @Allen

    It’s true that ten days are not the end of the world. But, as you point out, Braid has been a “finished product” for quite some time now. Some of the people who reviewed the Xbox Live Arcade version (such as Chris Dahlen, of the Onion A.V. Club) actually played Braid on the PC–so it’s perfectly understandable that, over seven months later, PC gamers might be getting a little antsy.

    That said, I respect Mr. Blow’s commitment to giving us the best product possible, and I for one will be buying that product as soon as it becomes available.

    In other words, yes, let’s all just chill.

  43. According to a press release from Hothead games, they’re working on a mac port with Jonathan Blow. I’d assume it would be coming out on their distribution channel (Greenhouse). If you buy a windows license on release over there, you can grab the mac version when it drops, too.

    On a side note, Phil, Chinese Democracy was in development for what, 14 years? A bit different than a 10 day delay.

  44. Drew, you and many others just sound like spoiled kids to me. Now if you had prepurchased the game then it would be a whole different matter. I agree with you that it has been a finished product-but as Mr. Blow said before programming for the Xbox is easier than the PC. You have to consider all the thousands of elements when it comes to a PC. With a PC, no two computers are alike. Even if a friend and I built the exact same PC at the exact same moment in time with the exact same parts from the same MFG (you know where I’m going with this) there is still potential for conflicts. He may be able to run Crysis at 40fps, and I at only 30fps. Yet I did the exact same thing. So just because Chris Dahlen had a positive experience doesn’t mean everyone will. Even so-in his review he didn’t mention bugs or performance.

    and @Ivan Löfgren, I would much rather wait a couple of days to have a less buggy version of a game than to have it now and then wait 10 days for a patch to arrive. You must have low standards, because I hate paying hard earned money for a buggy game. _Nothing_ is more frustrating then anticipating a game and then having it not work or have annoying bugs. I’m looking at you STALKER SOC….

  45. Thanks everyone for all your views on the most DRM-less provider.

    I’ve now ruled out steam and am leaning towards impulse.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Greenhouse and GamersGate re DRM?

  46. @Allen

    I agree with you that developing for the PC is, by definition, complicated and time-consuming. Further, I said that I understand and respect Jonathan Blow’s decision to take his time.

    But, at the same time, it’s a little silly to snipe at those who are anxious to play the game (by calling them “spoiled kids,” for example) when they have, in fact, been waiting a fairly long time.

    It’s completely reasonable that the PC version took this long to complete, AND it’s completely reasonable that people are anxious to get their hands on it. That’s all I’m saying. No factionalism or name-calling necessary.

  47. @Adam J: The only DRM Greenhouse have is that you have to be online to activate the game the first time you play it on that computer. With Steam and Impulse (or at least Impulse games that don’t have their new ‘Goo’ anti-piracy system (don’t think Braid will have it, Goo’s only just been announced)) you have to have their software installed to get the game, with Greenhouse you just download the game from their website. The downside with Greenhouse is that they have a limited number of activations, then you have to phone them up to get more, so if you are often changing your PC then it won’t be good for you. Impulse also has limited activations, but they don’t publish the number (think it is more than Greenhouse though), and Steam don’t have limited activations at all. I personally am going to get it off Greenhouse because I want the chance of a possible linux version, and I’ve given steam far too much money recently 🙂

  48. I’ve installed/uninstalled my Greenhouse games several times on several computers, changed hardware, etc. and I have yet to run up against the limit, so they’re pretty good about it. I think the limit is 5 based on unique hardware, but I’m not positive. Greenhouse support is pretty awesome, anyway, and if you run up against the limit, shoot them an email and they’ll reset it or increase your limit. *shrug* Theoretically it kinda sucks, but I have yet to hear of anybody actually having a problem with it.

  49. You’re 100% right in regards to the immature name calling. Even so, the immature remarks doesn’t make it less true.

    No matter if I throw out silly name calling, we should at the very least agree that the delay is for our benefit. As much as I want to play it (like..NOW!) 10 days is nothing to me. But I’m speaking from someone who just recently found out the game (a few months ago) was being released for PC.

    I come from experiences with buggy releases so that is why I am saying such things. Stalker SOC was in development for many years and still had game-breaking bugs until they patched it. Same thing with Fallout 3 and Half-Life 2.

    I’ll end this with saying that I apologize for the immature remarks.

  50. Wow this is great news! I had no idea a PC version was in the makes! yay! yet another reason not to buy a 360! But wait…

    Two Questions for you:
    1. Will the game run on Windows 7
    2. Will the game run on my 7 year old computer?
    Here’s my Specs:
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    RAM: 2GBs
    Video Card: Radeon 9800 PRO

    If “No” to question 2: Will there ever be a PS3 release of Braid?

  51. @Allen

    No worries, man. We seem to agree on pretty much everything, so I’m not sure why we’re arguing.

    As a longtime Nintendo fan, I’m used to delays, and am fully aware that they’re usually for the best.

  52. Also, yeah, independent developers (unlike Valve) generally have to get things right the first time rather than relying on patches.

  53. Hey,

    Has there been any system requirements info. released yet? I have lost track. I would like to know (roughly speaking) what hardware is required to run the game as well as the 360. I assume less is required than would be if I were trying to run a fully 3D game as well as the 360 (Burnout Paradise, for example), although I could be ignorant of the power needed for handling all these high res. 2D textures and what-not.



  54. We’ve gotten most of the way through compatibility testing and at present, it looks like the lowest-end “recommended spec” cards (those that will run like the Xbox 360) are the ATI X1950 and the Nvidia 8600. However, there is a weird thing where the 8600 doesn’t hit 60fps if you are running Windows Vista, unless the computer has a lot of RAM (3GB or more).

    If you have a lower-end graphics card than those, the game will go into a mode where it runs at 30fps and turns off some effects. The graphics are still the same resolution as the xbox360’s, but rewinding and other time effects are not as cool. The “minimum spec” is something that can run at a solid 30fps in this mode… we’re still testing to figure out what the minimum spec is.

    Anyway, keep in mind that the graphics cards that I mentioned seem to be right on the edge right now, and things change a little bit with each version, so this is not a guarantee that if you buy an X1950 or an 8600 you are golden. But if you have something faster than those cards, you ought to be okay, hopefully.

  55. If those are the right spec for lowest-high details, then I’m pretty much damn lucky, cause I’ve got a 1950 Gt 🙂
    yuhuu! can’t wait to play braid, i hope it’ll run smoothly
    but one question: Will the PC-Version look any better than the Xbox version?
    of course considering the right hardware

  56. “there is a weird thing where the 8600 doesn’t hit 60fps if you are running Windows Vista”

    haha, 8600GT here + vista, I would never have thought it possible to make a 2d game that would stress this.

  57. Jonathan, your last comment sounds like there is no real setting menu to set resolution, texture quality, effect quality and AA but only two fixed preset modes. Is this just a misunderstanding?

  58. The reason for this is that you can’t just adjust “texture quality” or resolution in a 2D game the same way as in 3D. It just doesn’t work that way. We would have had to do a large number of graphical assets over again — or maybe do an automated shrinking but then pass over them by hand, and then look at all the levels and fix the places where it looks screwy, which would be many of them.

    Also, there is no such thing as AA in this game. It’s 2D!

  59. Hm. I have an HD 3850 (ATI), not quite sure if it’s better than an 8600-but I hardly care. I’ll buy it anyway.

    I just got done playing the 360 demo at a friend’s house and now I think I shouldn’t have! Because now I want it even more. Graphics didn’t seem to be that advanced-but then again I’m not the developer am I? I know nothing about game programing so I’ll leave it to the experts.

    I’m also very glad I don’t have class on the 10th. Gives me plenty of time to play Braid..

  60. The typo proves that you have no sense of time WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE YOU MADE BRAID ha ha ha!

    Seriously though, is there any chance of a Nintendo DS release? I want to carry Braid everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

  61. Allen – an HD 3850 is nearly twice as powerful as an 8600, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Well, as long as Windows makes sense that is.

  62. Hi, I’m definitely below the “recommended” specs so I’m glad that there is a prefixed 30fps setting for lower end computers. I don’t mind the lower fps, but I’m wondering how much the special effects etc are going to be toned down? Is the game going to play like an almost different experience without some of the effects? Is the artwork the same though and just some of the special effects of rewinding different or is the difference encompassing the entire visual fidelity of the game?

    I really hope my pc will manage to squeeze out the lower prefix for the game but I hope that the difference won’t feel as if almost playing a gimped version of the title.

  63. I didn’t mean to offend you, I should have worded it differently though. Which is why I mentioned I honestly don’t know that much. I guess I meant technically advanced. I mean, BioShock’s recommend requirements is also an 8600. But then again they had lots of money and a big team…

    So don’t get me wrong David, your artwork is wonderful. I was actually playing Cave Story last night and wondering how awesome it would be if it had your art style on it. (not much of a fan of the retro look)

  64. If you’re in the 30fps mode, the game looks almost the same. The effects in Braid are really just a little bit of gravy… you would have basically the same play experience. All the foreground and background art is exactly the same, the difference is just that some spatial distortion effects don’t happen (these are subtle and small), and when you rewind, instead of colors desaturating, they tint. While the 60fps mode definitely looks a little better, I wouldn’t say it’s enough to go buy a new video card for.

    Allen: The thing about Braid is that it draws a *lot* of pixels on the screen… whereas it’s not running shaders to reflect light off objects and stuff like that, it is still drawing a huge number of alpha-blended pixels in order to achieve the visual effect.

  65. Man i can’t wait, one more week, finally played the demo on 360 at school and loved it, it’s the first game i have been waiting for it to buy.

  66. Ah, I see now. I’m sure if I ran it at 30fps I could deal with it. I did put up with Crysis at 30fps-ish, so a platformer at 30fps would be fine-since SNES games run at that fps.

    I also can say that AA makes little difference in 2d games. Forcing AA in Cave Story and Iji made no difference really. Even Geometry Wars had an AA option, and honestly I could not tell the difference.

    I already cannot wait until your next game. The only other indie game I’m looking forward to is Fez, but the platform on their site says TBA-I’m a pc gamer) and Subversion.

    So Johnathon and David, it’s nice to have interaction with the Developer and Artist and I hope your game is successful on the PC platform. I wish you both the best of luck.

  67. They certainly don’t, not to my knowledge. Also I believe even the 32-bit era was locked at 30fps and it’s common knowledge that certain games in this era are locked at 30fps. But of course I don’t know the specifics, and I’m just spouting off random things I have read on news sites (Kotaku) and forums.

    But you and I both know that 60fps is a lot better than 30fps. Resident Evil 4 (for PC) was locked at 30fps and for me it was highly noticeable. Recently, The Last Remnant was ported to PC and had the option for locking the fps at 30fps, 60fps, and unlocked-all in game. When going from 60fps to 30fps it was highly noticeable and definitely not preferable.

  68. Hey! seeing as this game is a 2D platformer, I had an idea that I think would be great! CONVERT THE GAME TO THE NINTENDO DS!!!! I would pay as much as $60 for that game. Hope you take this into consideration! Thanks

  69. Jonathan, can you provide some more details about the problems you’re facing with Windows? Is it just the vast expanse of hardware with differing specifications and buggy drivers? Or are there limitations in the kernel or DirectX that are the sticking points?

  70. Can’t wat for release date! But going skiing 7 days just after release make it itch. Ah well, Braid seams well worth the wait…

  71. Is there any deal possible where I buy the PC version first, and get the Mac version when it comes out with the same code or something?

    2Dboy did this with World of Goo, you buy the game once, you get windows, mac and linux versions.

  72. @Esquar If you buy the game from Greenhouse then you can download and install it any on OS for which a version has been released.

  73. When can we start to pay for Braid on Steam? 🙂
    Not only that, why cant we even see the price yet? Only 2 more days until it will be released.

  74. I agree with all (both) of the people who’ve said a DS version would be pretty much the best thing ever. Can you just tell us whether there’s any chance of one?

  75. Yeah, I just did some gruelling research and I found an interview where Blow says it’s not going to happen. So, uhh … sorry. About that one. You can ignore the comment.

    (Shame though.)

  76. Yeah, DS is incredibly unlikely — the handheld is just too low-powered for the game, and the aspect ratio would break a lot of the puzzles. It would have to be a complete rewrite and redesign.

    If Nintendo comes out with a new handheld sometime, maybe that would be a more appropriate target for the game.

  77. “Steam pricing is already taken care of — Braid has different prices in different territories.”

    This makes me a little worried… CoD4 was $US88.50 in my territory for a long time while it was $50 in the USA

  78. Jonathan, if you don’t have the ability to make one yourself, could you ask Valve to make an official game group for Braid on Steam?

  79. “If Nintendo comes out with a new handheld sometime, maybe that would be a more appropriate target for the game.”
    Well, they just released the DSi, so it will probably be a while before Nintendo’s next handheld.

  80. So i am one day too early. OK. No release for ps3 (joypad).. none for my mac? So i´ll have to start my emulated xp again, good occasion, really wants to try this game everybody who has something to say about games, talks about.
    Happy gaming tomorrow !

  81. Something tells me this is not going to release tomorrow. Steam is not letting my purchase it yet and there is absolutely zero talk about the game. I am getting it for sure, even though I have the 360 version. Here’s to hoping it releases tomorrow.

  82. Jonathan, at what resolution the game works? I’m trying the demo and it just crashes when I run it Fullscreen (Windowed works).

    I’m running Windows 7 Build 7000 with an 8600GTS with the latest drivers, any ideas?

  83. It is 1280×720, but if you are running a 4:3 or 16:10 display it will try a 4:3 resolution (like 1280×1024), etc.

    But if you are running Windows 7, that is a beta operating system, and it’s no surprise if some things don’t work…

  84. There has been an unauthorized leak of the demo. Please don’t spread this around as the game is not supposed to be released until tomorrow, and this particular publishing partner broke the date. I asked them to take the file down, and they took down the main link to it, but left the file up, which is not cool.

  85. I’m very Sorry that happen,Jonathan
    but I’m still must know if the game working on my PC….
    I Will still buy the game when it will be released.

  86. Oh, it’s totally fine, you guys didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be released. It just my responsibility to make sure all my online partners are treated fairly, so I had to discourage anyone further from getting the demo yet.

    The demo is down now, so you guys who got it lucked out!

  87. @Andrew:

    Many releases on Steam don’t offer pre-purchasing (and for that matter, many games are released on Steam with no warning at all, without ever showing up in the “Coming Soon” section).

    I don’t understand where the misconception that all Steam games have pre-purchasing came from, but it is not true. The fact that Braid doesn’t have pre-purchasing is no reason to think that it has been delayed further; this is fairly standard procedure for Steam.

  88. good news,the demo game working fine on MY six years old PC
    Jonathan,did very good job on optimised this version to the PC platform,
    I will buy it tomorrow,thx

  89. Oh man, I can’t wait. I’ve read about this game a while ago and instantly memorised its name — I never read anything about the plot on purpose, I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to be, but I feel this one is FINALLY the game I can love.

  90. I keep reloading the Steam page every hour to watch the clock tick down to release. Can’t come soon enough.

    Any chance you’ll be coming to the SCAD Game Developer’s Expo next week?

  91. Is it possible to redefine keys in full version? I found it not possible in demo.

    By the way. Now I know what you were talking about when you said that game need to draw lots of pixels. Amazing!

  92. There’s no key remapping currently. I forgot about the French keyboard problem with q/a (is that what you are seeing?). Perhaps I can fix that in a patch. But the arrow keys work in that case.

  93. Oh, I didn’t notice that WSAD works like an arrows. Now it’s ok for me and I don’t need to redefine keys.

    I’m so impressed by the game.

    My apologies that I’m playing demo, which I should’t have had chance to download. But I just cannot keep from it.

  94. Quote: good news,the demo game working fine on MY six years old PC
    Jonathan,did very good job on optimised this version to the PC platform,
    I will buy it tomorrow,thx

    Strange, I can’t get a decent framerate on my ONE-year-old laptop. Maybe my 8400M GS is just too crappy, even for slow-paced 2d games.

  95. I have a question before buying it to fast : heard that Hothead Games would make a mac version of it, if I take the PC version tomorrow will it be like a “licence buy” could I later get the mac version for “free” or will it be sold separatly?

  96. I think it’s possible that if you buy from Greenhouse then you may get the Mac version for free in that case, but I am not sure. You would have to ask Greenhouse. How about if I ask them and let you know what they say.

  97. Greenhouse tells me their serial keys will work on any operating system. So yes, you could buy on the PC then download the Mac version and use your key there (up to 5 machines, and if you legitimately run out of installations they will give you more).

  98. For those of us who pre-ordered, will it unlock at midnight our time? Or does it depend on the distributing platform?

  99. “There’s no key remapping currently.”

    It’s 2009 and you release a game with fixed controls
    This is very very sad…

  100. I think the exact time the game will become available depends a little on the distributor.

    wea0: Braid only uses 4 directions, a jump button, and a rewind key. There are a couple of different options programmed in for each of these. The game strives toward simplicity, and not having key binding is part of the aesthetic in a certain way…

  101. Having fixed controls is always wrong, no matter if it’s a PC or a console game. Even if a game needed only a single button, that button should be remappable. There might be people with a slightly broken keyboard or even more important: a handicapped person that is not physically able to adjust to your predefined control scheme. Without remappable controls they are screwed. They are dependant on being able to adjust the contols to fit their needs, not the other way round.

    Also: As far as I can remember from playing the xbox360 version there are at least five keys in addition to the directionals (speed control(2), jump, rewind and one level dependant ability?) so its not that simple 😉

    Anyway, a different question: How is gamersgate DRM compared to greenhouse DRM?

  102. The PC just uses the 4 directions for those other functions. I mapped them to different buttons on the 360 because people usually move using the analog stick, and it doesn’t feel good to e.g. activate an object or open the door by pushing up or down on an analog stick. So they got buttons. On the PC it’s easier just to tap a direction. So you can see I thought a lot about these things, I just had a different idea about what’s important.

    I have asked GamersGate to release the game without DRM… we’ll see how it is when they put it up!

  103. I agree that it should be an option simply for those who might have one arm of something.

    I understand that Braid is supposed to be minimal in terms of options, etc, but I feel that it does serve a purpose to have customizable controls. Also, I feel every game should allow you to turn off the HUD.

    I personally have no problem with the default controls, but I do see how it could limit a small number of gamers.

    Can’t wait for this to unlock on Steam.

  104. It’s the 10th here in Australia, but I guess I just have to wait for the distributors.
    Originally I was going for the steam option, simply because I love steam and it has never let me down, but if I can buy through Greenhouse and have it on both my PC and my Mac, then that is the winner for sure.

  105. @Marcin:
    Regarding how many pixels the game draws: You are aware that your Windows desktop draws millions and millions of pixels every second as well, correct?

  106. Cedge, big difference. If your monitor draws a lot of pixels because it is refreshing, that doesn’t require any computation. When your video card draws a lot of pixels by running a complicated program to figure out each one, that is what we are talking about.

  107. So there seems to be little to no info on what time zone they’re going by here..all I can really tell is that steam isn’t on eastern standard..anyone dealt with this kind of thing before? Do they tend to release on the dot?
    Pah, distributors and their complicated ways..

  108. Guys, I got my hands on the Braid demo and tested it under linux in wine, and it works perfectly. No tweaking was necessary to get it to run.

    T61, Core2 Duo T7300, Quadro NVS 140M, driver 180.11, wine-1.1.18

  109. i got it!
    if we all just jump off a building, and the lucky of us will go to heaven
    and we will be able to play the game.
    well i just saw in, that its the 10th over there, and that the game is grate and, you can get it on
    however if you wont get to heaven ,but that other place, you should know that the game is being delayed their for another 300 years ,and Duke Nukem F is being delayed for another 30000000000000 years.
    so you realy d’ont wanna go to hell,
    and add to that all the people who said that playing games wil take you to hell.
    so after im finished writing whice is insanely hard for my, it realy makes wanna kill my self.

    sooooooo i’m pretty confident, i pray a lot to get a female genitals,and i think that counts,BTW still waiting for that to hahpen
    i’m about to swallow WANTED:WOF BECAUSE ITS CRAP and if you take too much crap you will die.

  110. ok, so I booted windows 7 on my dual boot pc and now the graphics appear correctly but the game runs uber slow on fullscreen. If I put on -windowed speed is good but on full screen is very slow.
    Any ideas? Sucks playing on windowed mode

  111. AMD 3200+ 2.2
    6600 256 NVIDIA
    1GB RAM
    WORKS PERFECT only when you try to put up a pozzel out of the world in the roms then the up and down of the scrwwn are wired with pixels but you can still see the puzzel

  112. Bad start: I downloaded the game from Greenhouse, installed it, pasted my auth. key in and the game crashed. Now I can’t start the game. It crashes all the time. 🙁

    Any ideas?

  113. Unfortunately bad news for me… 🙁 I’m on the holidays, and I dont have my regular computer with me, and here I have quite old machine with Athlon XP CPU… And demo from Playgreenhouse doesn’t work. I’ve done some research on my own, and i figured out, that Braid ( possibly ) uses SSE2 instructions ( Athlon XP CPU’s doesn’t have it ), If Braid will suffer badly on newer machines if you compile it without SSE2 support ? ( if it is just your compiler option, not hand-written procedures )

    Some technical info:
    Win says in its report 0xC000001D exception in 438DFE address, which is something about “bad instruction”, then I dissasembled ( forgive me Jonathan, no bad things on mind, I just wanted to check this ) Braid and figured out, that there is a SSE2 instruction under this address. So very bad information for me 🙂

  114. Holy crap, the game works flawlessly with my integrated graphics laptop! It has an ATI X1250 integrated Graphics card which is class 6.

    Thanks John Blow!

  115. I downloaded the demo from Greenhouse, and have a slight problem.

    The game works fine without any graphical glitch, but the game slows down on some places, in varying extents.
    It slows down the most in the first screen with beautiful Braid title where tim is silhouetted, and also a little bit slowed down in the world 1 and 2. It works perfectly fine in the world 3, just as the speed I see on the trailer.
    I have a laptop with WinVistaSP1, intel core2 duo 2.0Ghz Cpu, geforce 8600, 4gRAM

    The demo was beautiful, I would buy the full game and keep enjoying it since it still works anyway, but if there is a way to get the game pace closer to what you intended to be… that would be great, Jonathan.

  116. ^^Blow wrote this as a reply to a question regarding system specs several replies above.

    “We’ve gotten most of the way through compatibility testing and at present, it looks like the lowest-end “recommended spec” cards (those that will run like the Xbox 360) are the ATI X1950 and the Nvidia 8600. However, there is a weird thing where the 8600 doesn’t hit 60fps if you are running Windows Vista, unless the computer has a lot of RAM (3GB or more).

    If you have a lower-end graphics card than those, the game will go into a mode where it runs at 30fps and turns off some effects. The graphics are still the same resolution as the xbox360’s, but rewinding and other time effects are not as cool. The “minimum spec” is something that can run at a solid 30fps in this mode… we’re still testing to figure out what the minimum spec is.

    Anyway, keep in mind that the graphics cards that I mentioned seem to be right on the edge right now, and things change a little bit with each version, so this is not a guarantee that if you buy an X1950 or an 8600 you are golden. But if you have something faster than those cards, you ought to be okay, hopefully.”

    IDK if this has changed since then, but like I said, I have a laptop with specs way below the requirements (heck, I don’t even have a “real” graphics card, it’s integrated) and it’s working flawlessly for me. Seems to be a hit or miss for some people based on posts above…

  117. Hey jonathan!! I\’m truely amazed by the demo!!! Can\’t wait to buy it off steam.
    But I have one question: I\’m a bit disappointed that I can\’t play with the highest details even though my rig has a 1950 gt , can you somehow overrun the mechanism that makes me play in low-quality mode , cause I\’d rather have less FPS and more details
    I truely thank you for this game and I just noticed the PC demo consists of more levels than the xbox demo, thx a lot jonathan 🙂
    so if anyone has a solution to my problem I\’d really appreciate it

  118. Ok, I tried to overclock my Graphics Card and somehow I think the rewinding animations are better now, could it be that it helped?

  119. When I run the demo i only get:
    TODO: has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Is there something I can do?

  120. That might have helped.

    The game always runs at the same resolution, though. It just maybe turns off rewind effects.

    If you look at the READ_ME.txt file in the Braid folder, you will see some options you can use to tweak the game.

  121. Alexan – the same thing with my old Athlon XP, its lack of SSE2 instructions ( as I think ), I posted here a couple of posts before

  122. Hey there, i just noticed you guys talking about the TODO error so thought i’d mention i get that too on the demo version from greenhouse, my system is Vista 64, dual core 2.4 ghz, 8800GT 512, 3GB ram
    I tried a demo from steam which also gave the TODO error.

  123. Meh, I was going to buy from steam but because they are 3 hours late with their release when everywhere else has it, I’m just going to get it from Greenhouse. Way to fail and lose a customer steam…

    With that said is there any kind of DRM or special restrictions to the greenhouse version? I wanted to use steam for the fact that I can just use my steam account anywhere and have it download the game to any computer, but if I buy now and get it from Greenhouse will I be able to install to multiple PC’s if I wanted to?

  124. 1:30pm here on the west coast and still no “buy link/add to cart” on Steam. Any known reason why this is delayed on Steam??

  125. Well this is fantastic. I got sick of waiting for it to be available on Steam (plus, with their DRM I’m not really sure why I wanted to buy from them anyway, except for the fact that I already have an account there and have bought other things from them) so I decided to buy from Greenhouse, because they sounded cool, and then I get that TODO error that Alexsan mentioned. Awesome.

  126. Well, at least you didn’t already pay for it to then have it not work. That’s a fun little treat for me this afternoon. Maybe I should have just waited for steam. Of course, for all I know I would have had the same problem with it.

  127. fnord: See my new posting at the top of the blog… if that demo fixes the problem for you, then we have a good solution. If it doesn’t, then, something more to figure out…

  128. Thanks, Jonathan! I saw it earlier and I’m downloading it now.
    Sorry for the snarkiness. I’ve been excited about this game, so downloading it and then discovering that I can’t run it at all was very disappointing.

  129. No problem, I know how it is.

    The server is getting completely trashed right now so I have ordered a bandwidth upgrade.

    Someone else, who had the game crashing for them, said it worked when they ran it with the -windowed option.

  130. Purchased Braid on Steam 2 days ago. Finished it today, extremely rewarding experience. Thank you for making this!

  131. hi, ive played a little bit the demo but it was need to write -windowed on the run-icon. id like to buy it, and play with my son 4 y.o.
    is possible to know any cheat so we are able to play it till the end or to have also a children mode ? why the game sometimes make me feel like a stupid just only im not able to make the perfect jump ?? id like to play and not to calculate at millimeter the position ! where is the problem if i buy the game with my money and i finish it in 30 hours instead of 90 ones ?? myr from italy
    thank you for the answer

  132. For those who want gamepad/controller support BRAID works perfectly with the xbox 360 Controller emulator over at This will make windows think that your controller is an 360 controller.

    Amazing game.

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