Braid is now live.

On the Xbox 360, that is. You can play it now. PC version will come… in a while.

As always on Xbox Live Arcade, there is a free demo.

If you get stuck, don’t forget to consult the handy walkthrough.

Thanks to David Hellman, Sean Barrett, Harry Mack, Edmund McMillen, and everyone else who contributed to Braid over the past several years. We made a good game.

79 thoughts on “Braid is now live.”

  1. Just wanted to say that it is about 45 minutes after Braid’s been released, and at around 5 AM EST no less, and there are already 507 people on the leaderboards. It makes me kinda hopeful that BRaid might do well, as I’m sure most people didn’t wake up hours early just to play.

  2. Just bought the game… couldn’t resist after the first level. Having lots of fun, but damn this puzzle piece! :p

  3. I woke up this morning and thought ‘hrm, what to do today? Ah, Braid!’ That was a nice feeling.

    Thanks for the game Jonathan (and co!), it’s beautiful. And fiendish 🙂

  4. I hate to say it, but the pricing is a fail.

    I’ve been reading many gaming forums to hear peoples impressions of the demo, and there is certainly a common theme: The game is gorgeous and fun, but it should have been 800 points.

    It all comes down to length and re-playability. The game is short, and once you know how to solve the puzzles, there is no point in replaying.

    On the other hand, at 800 points, Geometry Wars 2 is a game that has unlimited re-playability, and will provide most people with many times more hours of entertainment than Braid.

    Its sad to read about how many people really want to buy this game, can’t justify the price point. I am one of those people. I love it, but the price doesn’t make any sense, and sales will take a big hit because of it. Here’s hoping it gets a price drop soon before everyone forgets about it.

  5. Great game so far, completed the first 3 levels fully, and the last 2 are stumping me. Good to see that Reverend Anthony is #1 on the leaderboards, his praise for the game was nice. (Although I suppose playing it earlier helped :P) I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any chance for any Gamer pics for Braid? (I’d kill to have a simple one of Tim.) If not, no worries.

  6. Yeah, David’s work is great for this; I was talking about the Xbox 360’s Gamer pics that you display for your name. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. Jonathan, just want to let you know I’ve just played and finished your game and I plan to do it again to soak it all up. That was amazing and the most awesome and expansive experience I’ve had playing a game.
    Braid exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

  8. Congrats on releasing Braid! This was the quickest trial-to-purchase I’ve ever done for an XBLA game. The art style, the music, the gameplay — it’s all wonderful. I hope the game is a huge success, it deserves it.

  9. Representing Brazilian gamers here! 🙂
    Congratulations for the game, it is awesome!! I just bought and everything is fantastic! The opening, the house, the way the history starts (learning from mistakes and etc).

  10. There are going to be gamerpics. I don’t know why they didn’t go live with the game; asking about that.

    There won’t be a level editor or any downloadable levels for the XBLA version. The game is what it is and there is no DLC. For the eventual PC version, there might be support for player-created levels, but it remains to be seen how well that can be made to work.

  11. I just wanted to echo what altdelete said. I know you don’t set the pricing, but I hope that you can put some pressure on MS to reprice this game in the coming months. $15 for 2-3 hours of gameplay with limited replayability is not justifiable.

    When you compare this to a similar game like Knytt Stories, which is free with 100s of user-created levels, or both Geometry Wars, which are cheaper and have already provided me with 50+ hours of gameplay, you just can’t win.

    I would love to buy this game. I absolutely would. But the price is too high. Here’s hoping MS comes to their senses.

  12. I think 2-3 hours is an exaggerated estimate. I would be very, very surprised if someone manages to complete Braid in under 3 hours. Some people might be able to do it but it’s a very small percentage. It is more like 5 and up. Plus, as I have mentioned elsewhere, the Speed Run is a fair bit of replay value. Not like online multiplayer, but it does add a significant piece.

    But also, Braid is about the density and worthwhileness of that play-through experience… if you start measuring games by how long you can play them, but don’t take quality or originality into account, then I guess sitting in a chair not doing anything is a game you can play for a long time, and it’s free.

    But, if you do think it’s too expensive, I hear ya. Like I said, I would rather that the price were lower. Hopefully the price will be dropped in the future, but we know how price drops go — it will probably be a while, like a year from now or something.

  13. “…then I guess sitting in a chair not doing anything is a game you can play for a long time, and it’s free.”

    Ouch, that’s a good one. I agree wholeheartedly. Hundreds of hours of fetch quests (for example) would not a make for anything approaching a good game.

    I am really looking forward to playing this when I get off work today. Congrats.

  14. Wow its 3am and I’ve just finished the most refreshing gaming experience since Portal!

    Braid is easily my favorite LIVE arcade game of 2008. So creative… beautiful.

  15. “$15 for 2-3 hours of gameplay with limited replayability is not justifiable.”

    By this logic, War and Peace is a better value than Lord of the Rings because it’s $9.95 for 1,456 pages and LotRO is $13.60 for 1216 pages and, you know, you really don’t want to pay more money for fewer pages.

    I just don’t understand this attitude in the slightest.

  16. Mr. Blow, I’ve been one of those criticizing the 1200 price point on the forum and then came hear and read some of your comments.

    Knowing that, unfortunately, this game may have a small following, I now understand your concerns about the “Space Giraffe” factor and how much effort and money you put into making this game. So I can kind of see where you’re coming from.

    It’s just hard from a consumer point of view to justify paying the 1200 points when there’s games like Bionic Commando and Geometry Wars Evolved 2 that have much more replay value.

    On the other hand, I played the demo of Braid and really, really enjoyed it. You really have some incredible creativity. Although I still haven’t decided whether to pay the 1200 points (money’s tight and I want the two games coming in the next few weeks as well), I think supporting the kind of talent you have is important.

    If nothing else, I wish the best of success with the game!

  17. Congrats on finally getting the game out there, Jonathan. I’m still waiting for MS to get back to me with a review code so we can get on it, but it’s certainly been a long (albeit entertaining) ride covering the game since we met at E3 a few years ago.

  18. I think the attitude makes some sense, especially with the current state of the economy. Not everyone has unlimited cash to throw at their hobby.

    Braid vs. sitting in chair isnt a great comparison because sitting in a chair isnt fun. It’s not ONLY about the length of the game that matters.

    Now if you take Braid vs. Geometry wars 2, they are both awesome games and im sure everyone would like to buy both, but if thats not an option, it will be very hard for Braid to compete with a game that is fun, and original, and longer and cheaper.

    I think even if Braid was 1000 points, that would be a fair compromise given that it is an independent and very original title, but pricing it 50% higher than Geometry Wars 2 just a week later was a mistake.

    That said, I completely understand the financial risk involved here, and the need to pay off debts. I just cant help but think there would be a lot more impulse purchases at a lesser price, where as now people are waiting around for games like Bionic Commando instead.

  19. Just finished it and got closure. I downloaded it at 10am (UK time). Really really enjoyed it, well worth the wait. I’ve been waiting for this game for nearly a year now, like most of the people on here. The Puzzle’s were great, there were 3 jigsaw pieces i couldn’t get first time round, so I went back after the last world and the puzzles seemed to make more sense in my head the second time round.

    Great game, well done Mr. Blow.

    I was shocked when I found out it was 1200 xbl points, but if i’m honest I’d pay £20 (roughly $35) for it.
    The game is a little short but I’d rather it be like that than have lots of filler levels in. Like nearly every other game does, or nearly every great album has one or two bad tracks. Braid doesn’t, it’s perfect.

  20. Bought the game today, finished/solved the first three worlds, and I’m absolutely loving it.

    Even if I never play the game again after finishing it, the $15 was still well-spent. It took me about 3 hours to completely finish and solve the first three worlds, and those hours have been some of the most enriching and engaging gaming hours I’ve had in years.

    You’ve crafted a beautiful and incredible game here Jonathan, and I would gladly pay double the price for it. Thank you for creating this game, and I wish you all the best in your future projects.

  21. It’s a pleasure to pay money for a game as wonderful as this. Thank you!

    All the best and I hope the critical reception and publicity Braid is getting gives it the marketing / PR impetus to intrigue people and prepare them for the more cerebral challenge it presents (in sharp contrast to the mass of twitch-reaction, macho, testosterone gunz ‘n’ carz games around nowadays).

    I hope this because I desperately want more games like this 🙂

  22. I just recently finished the entire game. The epilogue and end of World 6 are quite a spin on the story, but I think I understand it.

    Johnathon, even though (I think) you mentioned earlier that you did not like Portal, I think your game is pretty similar. Innovative, relatively short, non-repetitive, humorous at times, sometimes on the difficult side, and fun.

    I must commend you on the puzzle design. Even though there was some minor repetition of area designs (although I might understand in context of the epilogue and the need to provide a tutorial for time powers), the puzzles stayed fresh. Some were quite clever, and each one was unique. I liked the fact that nearly every object, even if in an odd place, had a function in a puzzle.

    I hope I understand the story, but there was one other thing I didn’t quite understand. The various characters are pretty peculiar, and I’m not sure why you chose to represent some of them in the way you did. I understand the Mario references in the reappearing Boss, cannons, fireballs, and hairy creatures, but the rest (two I can think of are: the cat-voiced carnivorous rabbits and the dinosaur at the end of a world) are lost to me. I understand the purpose of the dinosaur, but not the image. Would you like to explain?

  23. Honestly people, if you can’t afford $15 for a game that is good, fun, unique and beautiful, you should probably consider getting a job that pays $0.50 more an hour than minimum wage.

    People are too set on games that make you repeat the same boring tasks over and over and feel that it means they are getting good “replay value”. Don’t get me wrong, Geometry Wars is a fun game, but comparing it to Braid is like saying Terminator is a better movie than Citizen Kane. Sure it’s fun to watch killer robots from the future, but you do so at the lack of substance.

    Thanks for making such an interesting game. I wish you success with this, and hopefully you can continue making games that are different.

  24. Tried the demo. It looked like a donkey kong / mario plateformer, but in a puzzle mind.

    Not really worth 1200 pts, considering its short as hell, and more expensive than 99% of the xbla games.

  25. I will be getting a 360 eventually but I have a Wii at the moment. Is there any chance of it appearing on WiiWare?

  26. So, regarding the PC version that’ll come out… in a while: any plans for a more flexible pricing scheme? While I myself don’t really have far too much cash to spare, but with a game that’ll likely have a smaller but more dedicated userbase, doing something along the lines of Magnatunes could work out. Basically, any method where you could send the developer an extra 10$ if you really liked the game, or something.

  27. I just wanted to say thanks for making such an amazing game. The demo had me convinced, and now I’m watching my wife work through it – each new puzzle is a delight. I’m so glad that a game like this could be released with such a wide distribution.

  28. A wonderful game! I bought it yesterday and finished it today deep in the night. I’m immensly proud that I did all the puzzles on my own without asking for help or looking at a walkthrough. Especially since I’m a very impatient person.

    Remarkable, incredible, sometimes fiendish (that one in World 2, that was really mean!)


    Also very nice choices for the soundtrack.

  29. “Braid is about the density and worthwhileness of that play-through experience…”

    Precisely. Before I add my two pence I’d just like to tell you and David that it’s a wonderful game. Myself and my fiancée are playing it through, separately so as to not spoil it for the other person 🙂 and we’re absolutely loving it. So well done guys, it’s awesome.

    A lot of the 1200 point issue seems to have stemmed from Microsoft stating Braid would NOT be 1200 points a while ago, which is what’s gotten peoples backs up. I think people need to step back and consider the game on it’s own merits rather than the knee-jerk reaction of “Aggh 1200 points, no WAY am I paying that!”.

    The average cost of games on live arcade is 800 points and a huge number of those are remakes of classics, with little more than updated graphics. Surely something as unique and ground breaking as Braid is worth a few more points? Surely the vast amount of work that’s gone into it’s development is worth a bit more? Are people really willing to miss out on a game that’s getting 10/10 and A+ reviews?

    I wonder whether people feel the same had they known it was going to be 1200 from the start…

  30. Will hopefully get a points card today to buy it.

    I knew this game was going to be something special, even watching grainy youtube footage of it. When I started the trial, the way you begin the game and that amazing city background gave me one of those rare “ooooooh” moments I get in gaming, like seeing Daytona USA at an arcade for the first time in the early 90s. That is a good first impression.

    I’ve done all I can do in the trial. I’m hooked. I want more!

  31. Just finished level 4…absolute genius. Please make more games. I’ve been playing games for almost 25 years, and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to come up with such a great idea. It’s truly inspring that the future of gaming is more then just better AI and bitmaps.

  32. “Tried the demo. It looked like a donkey kong / mario plateformer, but in a puzzle mind.

    Not really worth 1200 pts, considering its short as hell, and more expensive than 99% of the xbla games.”

    Looks like DK or Mario? Really? Are you saying that because there were nods to those games, because really it looks nothing like either of those games. I think it’s obvious the references to DK and Mario are used on purpose because of how those games are ingrained in our minds. The level that is reminiscent of Donkey Kong is clearly done so because it subconsciously tells you, as a gamer, that you’re not going to solve the challenge by killing your enemies, instead you’re going to be jumping past them and they will continue on. The Mario nods do the same. The Pipe-plants are a mechanic everyone is familiar with, regardless of gaming experience. Using these concepts to explain how to play a game without actually saying a single word is brilliant.

    Lastly, since when is the length of a game an indicator of it’s value? Does quality count for nothing these days? Talk about sad.

  33. The game is brilliant and I actualy only knew about it yesterday! It is sad that I can’t afford it for a while but the trial for it was a pleasure to play through. 🙂

    Keep it up guys and best of luck on new games!

  34. This is a wonderful accomplishment! Everyone involved should be extremely proud.

    And everyone who enjoys the game should tell their friends. Give them your support. I, for one, would like to see what these guys do next.

  35. bravo Jon & co.! You’ve created an experience worthy of your time and efforts, and worthy of our collective waiting.

    I will admit: I did a walkthrough search for 3 puzzle pieces. I admire anybody who can power through this game in 3 hours (and let me tell the 1200 point naysayers, the “2-3 hours” estimate is pretty unforgiving to most. There were a few puzzle pieces that took me the better part of an hour to really grasp and execute a strategy for).

    Your own “authorized walkthrough” is fantastic though, and it pushed me to work harder at the ones I couldn’t find (there were more than 3 originally, but your walkthrough helped me finish off several I was prepared to cheat on). In the end, I needed help for those 3 pieces for a few reasons:

    1) I was on my way to work (i played last night until 2:30AM and would’ve had to call in sick on a busy day (because I HAD TO FINISH THIS), which would have been bad. There was no way I was leaving the house without beating it, but no way I could beat it in time. I literally stood in front of my TV holding the controller in my work clothes beating the game while simultaneously certain I would miss my train.

    2) I respect the idea that Braid has deemed my time valuable and therefore is placing the demands of these puzzles on me. That’s great. But the truth is that my time is more valuable than most any video game. When I was younger (i’m currently 27) I used to dump hours into RPGs and such. I didn’t get to play a lot of video games back then and used to “gorge” myself with big helpings. For some reason, this seemed ok to me. These days, my time IS valuable, very valuable, since I sink a disproportionately large number of hours into my employment so that I can survive, while distancing myself from my creative interests: writing, music, wanderlust. Want to know why I can’t play most any Square game anymore? It’s that delightful little timer click-click-clicking away, informing me that I’ve -GASP- spent 43 hours on this game? THERE’S TWO DISCS and I’M STILL ON THE FIRST ONE! Shin Megami Tensei…don’t even get me started, even though I love those games.

    3) (sorry for the large #2) My third reason is that I’m an idiot, but believe it or not, I think this is leading me into thinking more deeply about Braid. I should’ve heeded your advice I think, because those 3 stupid effing pieces are bothering me. Unlike Tim, I have no time traveling powers, and cannot unlearn what I read to solve them. I feel like I have made an enormous mistake in my mad frantic grasp for achievement, completion, closure with this game. Should I be punished for a lack of patience or devotion? Is THIS regretful feeling the punishment?

    Either way, I’m reading about [spoiler removed] and I’m interested. I can easily see myself returning to the game, and it is fondly remembered even as I sit at work and type this out. All day elements and fragments of the sights and sounds of Braid have just been splintered into my mind, and I for some reason can’t wait to return to the world (too bad it’s my late night tonight).

    All in all, thanks for something unique and mesmerizing. Enough with the 1200-point complaint people, this is “da goods.”

    P.S. At least I’ll get to enjoy the game through fresh eyes; I’m going to let my girlfriend play this next and I won’t help her cheat!

  36. To Jonathan and everyon else involved in creating “Braid”:

    You can count me as one the people who woke up early (4:45 a.m.) to download and experience this amazing and wonderful game. From the very first screen I knew I was in for something special. This experience
    (I can’t even really call it a “video game” anymore, it has affected me too deeply to be called a game) has left me with a myriad of mixed emotions about my own personal decisions and relationsships. Maybe I’m looking a ltiitl too deeply for meaning where none was intened in the first place, but it seems that almost every part of Braid has been carefully crafted to evoke a feeling from the player. Braid is art. Pure and simple. Thank you again for sharing your talent and vision everyone. You guys rule.

  37. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful game. I played it till 4 in the morning and according to was the first German to finish it 😉 loved every second and still want to reaply it and find all the secrets.
    I’m trying to get a more in depth (spoiler-filled!) discussion going on ( forum is on the bottom). So, if any of you are interested in discussing the story, come and join us.

  38. Yet another vote for the pc version! Can’t wait! Charge lot’s for it! I’ll pay it! Get yourself a nice new car! You deserve it!

  39. Jonathan, I’m sure you expected a positive response but this must be a little overwhelming! I am just another drop-in-the-bucket voice who wants to say that this game strengthens a hope for the future of video games that had lately begun to fade in me. I’ve also been one of the people who clamored early on for info regarding a possible PS3 release, but I actually managed to happen myself upon a free XBox 360 just a couple of weeks ago and was largely unmotivated to even remove it from the box until Braid’s release.

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  40. The PC version can’t come fast enough. Congratulations on creating one of the greatest games of this generation.

  41. Braid is truly a Masterpiece! I fell in love with video games all over again once I played this game. Keep up the good work!

  42. Yes…I would really LOVE for this game to come out on PSN. I would be forever thankful if you gave us a chance to buy this stellar game! I played this game at my friend’s house and fell in love with it.

  43. Bought the game, just finished it about 15 minutes ago. I have to say – it is more of an 800 point game than a 1200 point game. I loved the mechanics/etc., but it’s just too short. [minor spoiler] I guess the end is kind of a letdown: I was expecting a puzzle of astonishing awesomeness, incorporating all of the powers. Though I did love the ending, anyways.
    I guess … I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I might speed-ru it sometime later, just to make sure. Parts of it are amazing.

  44. “PC version will come… in a while.”

    In “a while” you will have missed your window of opportunity to take full advantage of the popularity of this game.

  45. I’m sure it has been said before, but I think that what people are willing to pay for art and entertainment is completely FUBAR. Many are complaining that Braid is too short for $15, but I wonder how many 1&1/2 hour films some of these same folks might have sitting on their shelves. And most people probably don’t expect to spend more than $10 on a novel, yet a good one will provide us with weeks of engagement. A painter that lives down the street from me regularly commands between $5,000 and $10,000 for comissions, and $50-$100 for prints, yet a painting is a static thing that you just look at and (maybe) think about. And all this talk of “replayability” is confounding. So once you’ve solved the puzzles, you know how to solve the puzzles. So what? I feel lucky to have the privilege of being able to pay for Braid. These sorts of complaints are frustrating. A movie has no replayability whatsoever if you just want to look at things that way, but lots of people didn’t hesitate to spend $10 on The Dark Knight.

    Braid is worth at least as much to me as the finest films and novels in my collections.

  46. I disagree strongly with what Alari says primarily because it insinuates that Braid’s “popularity” is and will be a fleeting thing, somehow a flash-in-the-pan. Braid will endure and be remembered well into the next several console generations as a watershed.

  47. A cider port for the Mac would be completely useless, cider is a POS.

    Port your game to the Mac properly or don’t bother. Cider doesn’t work on GMA950, which is all intel Mac minis and all the previous generation MacBooks (and the low-end iMacs).

  48. Mr. Blow! I’ve never bought a XBLA game even if they sell them as low as for 400 MS points and at a max of 1600 MS points.

    BRAID is one of the expensive ones but I’m pleased to say that I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Congratulations on making an awesome game. You have a BIG one on your hands and your future is already over the top. I’ve seen it as I went furthur into time in BRAID. lol

    Eagerly waiting for your next project. I’m SURE that you’re gonna outdo yourself

  49. @Jace, contrary to your fanaticism, all games, especially indie titles, ride a wave of media and word-of-mouth popularity that can make or break them.

    That said, I’m anxiously awaiting the PC version. Hoping it is released soon (and on Steam).

  50. Well, what can I say. The main thing that stands out in Braid is the music, it’s absolutely gorgeous and helps creates a very unique atmosphere, the graphics have a beautiful hand-drawn charm and the control of time is a brilliant mechanic that’s very cleverly implemented, but, and given the competition on XBLA it’s a big but, it costs 1200 points. And 1200 points is too much.

    The fact is there are plenty of games on XBLA that are as good and had as much time and money and creativity poured into them that cost 800 points. And most of them have strong replayability factor.

  51. People talking about replay value confuse me. How much replay value does a hamburger have? Or a pack of cigarettes? Or a ticket to a movie? Or a case of soda? It doesn’t have to last forever to be worth the money. And 15 dollars really isn’t that much. Maybe more than other XBLA games, but it costs as much as 2 movie tickets. Or 2 meal deals at a burger joint. Get over the price, and comment on the game itself.

  52. your game is absolutely outstanding and worth every cent.
    i case a linux version is planned, i’d be glad to help with it where i can 🙂
    thanks a lot for this gem!

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