San Francisco Game Design Meeting?

If anyone is interested in having a semi-regular San Francisco Bay Area game design meeting, drop me a line. It’d be every 2 weeks or every month, and focused on advanced (or at least non-standard) game design thought. If the logistics of recording the meeting work out, I would also edit it into a podcast.

This would be a semi-private meeting: attendance by invitation, but you could email and get an invitation as long as you’re not a random person.

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  1. Hey, you may already know about these, but we’ve already got a few regularly scheduled game dev meet ups in the city.

    IGDA San Francisco has a meeting on August 6th at Dolby Labs

    Bay Area Video Game Developer Meetup meets on the 19th at Jillians

    And the next Game Theory meet up is July 28th at Muddy Water’s on Valencia and 16th.

    I haven’t been to an IGDA meeting yet, but I went to the last BAVGDM and had good time. Lots of experienced individuals there which made me feel a little out of place, but everyone seemed to have a good time. In terms of our group, Game Theory, we started it because we couldn’t find anything else on Google, but now it turns out there are several more established meet ups so we may decide to cancel it. Game Theory is much more of a hobbyist get together and we are just as likely to chat about board games and social games as console titles.

  2. One of my goals is that this would definitely not be a hobbyist event (hence the invite-only). That’s not to say that attendees need to be working professionals, they just need to have implemented some kind of tangible, interesting game design.

    The discussions that tend to happen at the existing meet-ups aren’t the kind of thing I am looking for. I want to have a forum for something much more focused. And, in a place conducive to discussion (i.e. not a bar or restaurant).

  3. If you can get something together, I would really appreciate you recording and posting something. I’m always on the lookout of intelligent discussion, even when I cannot participate.

  4. I’d be interested in something like that. Contact me with a bit more detail on what your looking for. There’s a lot of other locals I can think of who I think would be invested in focused discussion.

  5. Jonathon, when will you be able to announce a release date for Braid? (It seems silly there might be a release date announcing a release date.)

  6. This sounds interesting; I would be interested. But maybe you could explain a bit more specifically what your goals are? What size group would be ideal? Would meetings center on discussion of a particular work, or theme? Would participants be expected to share their own work?

  7. Hopefully not too big. I’d probably cap it at 16 people but I doubt it would get that large. It would be mainly about talking about things that the participants themselves are working on… just because if it’s about discussing whatever game you played that week, it’s very easy for that to backslide into the same stuff you can read on every forum on the Internet.

  8. Same here, another vote for the podcast thing.

    Eventually I’d love to come, but as I am currently still living in the Netherlands, there’s just no chance… at least at the moment.

  9. I’ve seen around the web Braid releases in September, very late? I know you said you’d post this on the blog, but is it true? And if so, why so late?

  10. Add +1 to those (if there even is anybody) that would love to have a recording/podcast of these proceedings. You’ve got some very interesting thoughts and philosophies that I’d be interested to hear what comes out of putting together a group that would talk about such things (coming both as a gamer and as someone in the biz).

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