Braid milestone passage.

This week Braid passed the Xbox Live Arcade Alpha Milestone (I guess that’s like passing a kidney stone, but less painful). That doesn’t mean too much for anyone not developing the game, except to serve as a concrete sign that the game is getting nearer to release . This milestone means that all of the Xbox functionality is in place and working, but there will be a lot of tweaking and fixing of little bugs a on the way to a finished product.

7 thoughts on “Braid milestone passage.”

  1. Well, Aquaria just got released for the PC. If you mean Live Arcade specifically, I don’t know… I wasn’t aware that an XBLA version was even in the works.

  2. Great news, Jonathan! I had a chance to play Braid at EforAll and have been evangelizing it ever since (in fact, I did a bit of it on the show floor, I was calling it my “Game of the Show”. Too bad my opinion counts for squat. Braid’s release can’t come soon enough, then I’ll be proven right. 😉

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