In which I compare Space Giraffe to Ulysses.

Space Giraffe

The first time I saw Space Giraffe, I didn’t realize it was an excellent game. Jeff Minter was showing it off at the Game Developer’s Conference, and it looked just like Tempest, except you could push guys off the top of the web sometimes. And Jeff kept saying it wasn’t Tempest. But he was not sufficiently able to communicate to the audience why the game was interesting (which I verified, through several conversations, after his lecture. People pretty much thought it was just Tempest with some psychedelic stuff).

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Full text of the Braid interview with Stephen Totilo.

Multiplayer Blog masthead

Stephen has posted the full text of that interview on his Multiplayer Blog. It’s long, but contains a lot of explanation about the ideas behind Braid.

His comments about the interview seem overwhelmingly positive, perhaps embarrassingly so for me. I don’t like publicizing myself, but at the same time, there are ideas about games in there that I want to communicate, and incite discussion on. So maybe just skip the laudatory introduction and go straight to the interview.

Also, the credits for the graphic art are not mentioned anywhere here or the MTV interview so I will point out that the world art is by David Hellman (except that cannon in the World 2 shot which is old, and has been removed from the game in favor of a different cannon) and the character art is by Edmund McMillen.

(Journalists aren’t used to doing credits like that, because usually the credits for a game are like 100 people long.  But on a game with this few people working on it, it feels like an omission to me). 

Preview of Braid on MTV News’ site.

MTV News

This preview came from Stephen Totilo’s play-through of a preview version of the game, and a subsequent email interview he conducted with me.

I find his column to be very thoughtful, and the interview questions were very interesting to try and answer. (And I’m not just saying that because of his positive portrayal in the preview).

The full text of this interview has now been made available as well.

Another Game Club


Short on the heels of Kotaku’s thing, it looks like The Escapist is starting a game club too. Their first game is Psychonauts.

I kind of loathe The Escapist but this is potentially a good step. However, the intent of the discussion here doesn’t seem as high-minded as Kotaku’s — here the goal just seems to be to talk about stuff, rather than important stuff. Well, we will see how it goes. It will probably take a while for either or both of these clubs to mature into a steady state (if they don’t die out prematurely!)