2 thoughts on “Free Play has announced their full schedule.”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I caught your talk today at ACMI, i asked a few questions – about Rules of Play and Somatics.

    Anyway i got a lot out of your rant. It really hit home to me. But i am not a game developer as such, i am more of an artist gamer, but I’m looking to create some games.

    Braid looks awesome.

    Sorry I couldn’t stick around and say Hi and maybe ask this question at the conference: I need to learn some programming to support my audio-visual skills, you recommended Flash? Can you suggest a good book or website, which you think hits the nail on the head for starting out with Flash games?

    Cheers for coming out to Australia mate. Great Keynote.



  2. p.s. no bother, a friend and I dived right into Python/Pygame last night. Again cheers for the keynote. After years of procrastination and avoiding programming I’ve finally taken the plunge…

    It’s the only way.

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